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Never waste your time wondering about what might have been. Get busy thinking about what still might be, trusting that whatever it is, it will leave you glad that what might have been never came to be.

– Sandra King

This is something that I personally struggle with at times. Here I am having just graduated from BYU and I already have the job that I was hoping to get. I have everything going for me – the job I want in the place I want, friends and family close, and even the perfect market for buying a house! But I still find myself looking back at what might have been.

This last year has been an interesting ride for me. I had dedicated myself more completely to something than I have ever done so in my life, just to have it blow up in my face. Even though everything else is going great, I feel like I’ve missed out on something very special. As I sit here unable to sleep for some reason, I find myself thinking about this and feeling extremely ungrateful for the blessings that I have in my life. I feel like I’m focusing so much on the one thing that went poorly that I’m not expressing the proper gratitude for the multitude of blessings that I have been given.

I think of the song This by Darius Rucker. During my life I have ran into many disappointments and unexpected turns, and every time things just seem to work out for me. Things always work out for my best, even if I think that everything is falling apart at the time. I’ve seen this movie trailer for some movie that I don’t really want to see, but a certain line is stuck in my mind. A character says, “It will all be good in the end. If it isn’t good now, then it isn’t the end.”

So, all I have to do now is focus on the many things that I am blessed with and have the faith that those things I’ve missed out on so far will really work out to my great benefit. It is something that I have to work on – one of the many personal failings that I have. I know that someday I’ll be able to echo Darius Rucker and say, “Thank God for all I missed, ’cause it led me here to this.”

I hope that all of us will be able to see the Lord’s hand in our lives. He never does anything that isn’t for our good. Yes, even the bitter disappointments in this life are good for us, even if the main purpose they serve is to make us more appreciative and grateful for the blessings we finally end up with. This is the way to find peace and happiness in an unpredictable world. Focus on what is going right, not on what goes wrong.