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The life of a saint is not simply a personal perfecting, it is also a factor in the entire scheme of earth’s redemption. No one can be saved alone, by himself or herself, unassisted by or unassisting others.

– President John Taylor, Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: John Taylor

This is an interesting quote. Many times we focus on the fact that we need to help others, but this quote brings the other side of the equation into play. We need to allow others to help us. If we refuse assistance, not only are we robbing from others the opportunity to serve us, but we are also refusing help that the Lord is sending our way.

The Lord tends to give us the aid we need through the people around us. If we refuse help from others, we are basically refusing the help that He is sending our way. I believe that this is one of the dangers of pride. We tend to try to get ourselves out of situations that we are in, only accepting help from sources that are seemingly directly from God.

Might I go as far as to say that when we refuse help from people that truly care about us and have our better interest in mind, we are simply being ungrateful? What else could it mean when we are refusing the blessings that He is sending our way? Heavenly Father works through His children – do not think that it’s a weakness to accept assistance from another person. These times provide ample opportunity for you to grow strong in your humility and for others to grow in assisting you.

I hope that we can all recognize the Lord’s hand in our lives, especially when He shows His hand through those people around us.