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My personal finance teacher told us an interesting story in class the other day. He knows a man who absolutely loves the thrill of watching football games. He loves the suspense and all the emotions that can be associated with it. One time he wasn’t able to watch a game live, but he recorded it. At work the next day, he kept telling everyone to not tell him the outcome of the game because he wanted to watch it that evening.

He made it most of the day before someone mentioned the game and he discovered the outcome of the game he had not yet watched. This man was extremely upset because now the game would not hold the same magic for him. He decided that he would watch it anyway.

It wasn’t until he was laying in bed that night after watching the game that he realized something rather interesting. While watching the game, he never once yelled at the referees for a call they made or ranted at the players’ ineptitude and stupidity. These were normal happenings when this guy watched games, you see. He realized that because he already knew the outcome of the game, he wasn’t as upset when things didn’t seem to be going his way.

How many times do we get upset and rant and rave about life and the happenings therein when more often than not things seem to turn out well in the end? This seems to happen to me all the time. Although the hard times in my life have almost always led to bigger and better things, I still grumble about my supposed hardships.

First of all, I must say that my life is pretty good. I have been blessed very much and know that there are many, many people out there who have things a lot harder than I do. Just like the football game that we yell and gripe about, I tend to blow my problems way out of proportion. In the grand scheme of things, these little problems are not much more than pebbles on the road of life. They aren’t even speed bumps!

Secondly, I know that my life is in good hands. God is up there watching out for me, and He has a plan for my eternal happiness. I know that the outcome of my life will be great, so why do I get so upset when things don’t go my way? I know the outcome of the game, I just need to focus on staying on the right team.

Why is it so easy to have the faith that others will get blessings but difficult to believe that we ourselves will get those same blessings? Have faith in the master of the game, and know that the outcome is assured as long as we do our part. Try not to let the little problems, and sometimes the big problems, distress you too much.

Let’s try to be like that man in the story. Once he knew the outcome of the game, his attitude about the setbacks during that game changed dramatically. Let us be optimists!