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The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that it is too low and we reach it.

Michelangelo (Not the turtle, just so you know)

So, since I seem to have a few thoughts about not focusing so much on the future at the expense of the past, I figured that I better make it known that I do not endorse laziness. If we don’t make grand plans for the future, we will never have a grand future. A lot of times I feel like I take the less risky road simply because I’m afraid of failure. I achieve my goals, but they aren’t the goals that I really wanted, and they don’t require me to really grow a lot in order to achieve them.

The problem with aiming low is that you will very likely hit your target. Why is this a problem? It fosters a sense of security and achievement when there really has been no real achievement. We need to stretch ourselves. If you can go through with a difficult goal and come out on top, you feel a greater sense of accomplishment than if you only have little, easy-to-achieve goals.

The good thing about aiming low is also that you will hit your target often. This is important to keep yourself feeling capable. However, we need to mix these low targets with high ones. The low ones can keep us going while the high ones actually get us somewhere when we achieve them. This is just like anything in life – anything with a high payoff requires higher risk, and the low but guaranteed returns come from those less risky decisions.

So, occasionally aim your sights high and shoot for the stars. You will fail sometimes, but when you succeed, you will find that all those failures are worth the successes that come along.