The greatest single lesson we can learn in mortality is that when God speaks and man obeys, that man will always be right.

Thomas S. Monson, The Call of Duty, April 1986

This world is changing, drastically and dramatically. The views of majority of the people around us seem to change on an almost daily basis. What was once almost universally abhorred is now commonly accepted and sometimes even flaunted. However, just because the popular view is changing, the underlying truth of things never will change. Truth is eternal.

God is eternal, also. He is our untainted and immoveable source of truth. If He is telling us something, or telling us to do something, we can alway trust Him. He is the source of truth so no matter what everyone else around you is saying, always trust Him. The views of the world and the truths taught by God are growing further and further apart, due to the fact that the more man learns, the more he trusts himself instead of God.

So, stick to the source of truth and power that is never changing. Unlike men, God does not change His mind to fit the mainstream ideas, and you always know where you stand with Him.