On any important truth the devil tries to get you to stop too short or go too far.


This quote is pretty deep for how short it is. The true goal in this life is to find balance. Satan always attempts to disrupt that balance by getting us to lean too far one way or the other. It doesn’t matter if he gets us to move away from the teachings of Christ or focus so hard on a few of them that we become zealots – the outcome is the same.

We need to be careful to avoid what we will call ‘gospel hobbies.’ Gospel hobbies are those points of doctrine that we like so much that we focus on them at the expense of the whole plan. We embellish the importance of these doctrines so much that we completely shut out other things that are just as important to our happiness and salvation. For example, one of the teachings of the gospel is that we should work hard. However, if we focus so much on work at the expense of our families or church duties, then we have gone too far. This can happen with any point of doctrine.

Try to keep a balanced view of the gospel and this life. If people around you are worried because you are becoming obsessive about something, you may want to step back and look at the situation. Maybe there is something to what they are saying. No point of the gospel is unimportant, and all points tie into one another. If Satan can get us to ignore any of these important points, whether by leading us away completely or skewing our focus on one point above all others, he is winning.

Balance is the word of the day.