We can’t control the impressions that others form about us, and the effort to do so only debases our character.


How often do we try to change who we are to win the affection or acceptance of another person? Is it such a stretch to say that this is a flat out lie? We all know what happens when lies are discovered. Why try to win someone over in that way? There are only two paths when we start from this action. Either the lie is eventually found out – and we know that never ends well – or we have to live a lie, which will continually grow bigger until first outcome happens anyway.

Be yourself! We all want acceptance, but we want it for who we are, not who we are not. And if you’re trying to win the heart of someone, why make they fall in love with someone else?

Honesty is always the best policy. Trying to be someone you aren’t for the benefit of first impressions is a foolish thing to do. Be who you are, and work on improving yourself while being honest about who you are. People should accept you for who you are and who you might become, not who you are acting as.