The Father to whom we pray is the glorious God who created worlds through His Beloved Son. He hears our prayers as He heard Joseph’s prayer—as clearly as if they were being offered in His presence. He loves us enough that He gave His Son as our Savior. By that gift He made it possible for us to gain immortality and eternal life. And He offers us, through prayer in the name of His Son, the opportunity to commune with Him in this life as often as we choose.

Henry B. Eyring, Exhort Them to Pray, January 2012

Just stop and think about prayer for a minute. What is it, really? It is a personal channel that each of us has to the creator of our world and universe. He is our creator, and our spiritual father. Even though His power is immense and incomprehensible to us, He wants to hear from us, His children.

He has made it easy for us to communicate with Him; however, He does not force us to use those methods of communication. He wants to talk to us, but wants us to want to talk to Him, also. It is our choice to commune with Him as we go through this life. If we do, we receive His guidance and help in this life. If we don’t, then we struggle with things that He could easily help us overcome, if we would just ask.

Be grateful for prayer, and use this extraordinary gift.