I am here tonight to tell you that Despair, Doom, and Discouragement are not an acceptable view of life for a Latter-day Saint. However high on the charts they are on the hit parade of contemporary news, we must not walk on our lower lip every time a few difficult moments happen to confront us.

I am just a couple of years older than most of you, and in those few extra months I have seen a bit more of life than you have. I want you to know that there have always been some difficulties in mortal life and there always will be. But knowing what we know, and living as we are supposed to live, there really is no place, no excuse, for pessimism and despair.

In my lifetime I have seen two world wars plus Korea plus Vietnam and all that you are currently witnessing. I have worked my way through the depression and managed to go to law school while starting a young family at the same time. I have seen stock markets and world economics go crazy and have seen a few despots and tyrants go crazy, all of which causes quite a bit of trouble around the world in the process.

So I am frank to say tonight that I hope you won’t believe all the world’s difficulties have been wedged into your decade, or that things have never been worse than they are for you personally, or that they will never get better. I reassure you that things have been worse and they will always get better. They always do–especially when we live and love the gospel of Jesus Christ and give it a chance to flourish in our lives.

I want to say to all within the sound of my voice tonight that you have every reason in this world to be happy and to be optimistic and to be confident. Every generation since time began has had some things to overcome and some problems to work out. Furthermore, every individual person has a particular set of challenges that sometimes seem to be earmarked for us individually. We understood that in our premortal existence.

President Howard W. Hunter, An Anchor to the Souls of Men, February 7, 1993

I love this quote by President Hunter. I haven’t listened to the entire talk yet, but my personal finance professor shared this with us today. Coming from a man who had seen all those wars, hardships, and all that change in his lifetime makes this quite a powerful message. Things will get better, even if the world seems to be determined to destroy itself sometimes. As the adversary increases his efforts to destroy the children of God, God Himself is pouring His blessings down upon us as never before.

Have faith that God knows what He is doing. He knows how to bless His faithful children, even in the midst of the crazy events that we see every day on the news. Live your life as if there will always be a bright future, and you will pleasantly find yourself living that bright future without realizing how you got there.