Why Complicate Life?
Missing someboady? … Call.
Wanna meet up? … Invite.
Wanna be understood? … Explain.
Have questions? … Ask.
Don’t like something? … Say it.
Like something? … State it.
Want something? … Ask for it.
Love someone? … Tell it.

Nobody knows what’s going on in your mind.
It’s better to express rather than to expect.
You already have the ‘no.’ Take the risk of getting the ‘yes.’
We just have one life…
Keep it simple, silly.


People tend to make life a lot harder than it needs to be. Things are overly complicated because of miscommunication and dishonesty. Seriously, people, why do you have to play games? For all you people out there who believe that playing hard to get is the way to increase someone’s interest in you, wake up. I know too many people who do that and then wonder why they don’t have more dates. And that’s just one example.

Life is already difficult for all of us. Why do we have to beat ourselves up and make life more difficult for ourselves and others? This applies to all aspects of life – not just relationships. We need to express ourselves so that others can understand us. We cannot simple expect them to know what we are thinking, what we are doing, or what we want.  Tell them. Don’t be afraid to express yourself – but remain tactful, of course.