1. As now we take the sacrament,
Our thoughts are turned to thee,
Thou Son of God, who lived for us,
Then died on Calvary.
We contemplate thy lasting grace,
Thy boundless charity;
To us the gift of life was giv’n
For all eternity.

2. As now our minds review the past,
We know we must repent;
The way to thee is righteousness–
The way thy life was spent.
Forgiveness is a gift from thee
We seek with pure intent.
With hands now pledged to do thy work,
We take the sacrament.

3. As now we praise thy name with song,
The blessings of this day
Will linger in our thankful hearts,
And silently we pray
For courage to accept thy will,
To listen and obey.
We love thee, Lord; our hearts are full.
We’ll walk thy chosen way.

As Now We Take the Sacrament, Hymns, #169

This is one of my favorite sacrament hymns. It is all about how we need the Atonement of our Savior in order to get through life. From the chance that we have of recovering from our mistakes to gaining the courage to be obedient to His commandments, the Atonement provides us with all that we need to return to our Heavenly Father and live happy lives. We need to show gratitude for this gift – the most precious gift that God has given us – His Son, and through Him the Atonement.