A friend of mine shared a thought with me today that made an impression on me. It was an analogy of a ship. She compared life to a ship, and our plans as navigating by the stars. We find the star that we want to reach and start heading in that direction. However, the true Master is the Lord, and He can alter our course by controlling big events in our lives. The problem comes when we don’t trust Him. He knows where He wants us to end up in this life.

He sets us on paths that we need to be on and will change that when we are needed elsewhere, even if we feel that we are on the right path for us. He knows best. We need to plan for the future, of course, and learn from the past. However, the problem somes when we focus on where we came from or where we are going through our nifty little telescope. Looking at things through a telescope gives you tunnel vision. You see only what you’re focused on at the expense of everything around you. Life is lived in the here and now. The past is behind us, and the future is unsure. The present is the only thing that we have any real measure of control over. That’s why it is called the present.

So, as you go around on your ship, get your bearings both from the past and the future through your scope. However, pay attention to the waters around you. Live in the present, using the past and the future as guides. Help those around you – remember, the Lord has sent you to where you are now for a reason. Find ways to serve Him in the present, and He will guide you to where you will be happiest in the future.