In my financial management class we are treated with a spiritual thought every day. Today our professor told us of some of the emails that he has received from former students. They are people that have served missions, married in the temple, and been in the church for years. All of them, however, no longer believe in the church. They have lost their testimonies and can’t bring themselves to tell their families. They know that their parents and spouses will be crushed, but they have the need to talk to someone about it, so they email a former professor that they trust.

These people were what our professor referred to as “social mormons.” These are the people who on the outside and in public are completely faithful members of the church. They pay tithing, they go to church, they get married in the temple, and all their neighbors think that everything is fine. But on the inside they are questioning all that they’ve been told is true.

What is missing? Guaranteed that none of these people regularly read their scriptures. Our professor always advises them to do the same thing. Read the Book of Mormon. He begs them to do it. Why? The Book of Mormon is key to keeping your testimony strong. Read it every day, even if it is only for a few minutes. If you are doubting anything about the church or the gospel, read your Book of Mormon. It has the power that no other book in this world has. There is a reason that it is the keystone of our religion. Trust in its power – if you read the Book of Mormon, your testimony will never wane. That is the promise that comes with the Book of Mormon.