As I think of my regard and my affection for my Father’s family, the human family, I remember something my earthly father said, and I think probably I inherited that in part from him. He said, “I have never seen a child of God so deep in the gutter that I have not had the impulse to stoop down and lift him up and put him on his feet and start him again.” I would like to say I have never seen one of my Father’s children in my life that I have not realized he was my brother and that God Loves every one of his children.

President George Albert Smith, “President Smith’s Leadership Address”, Deseret News, 2/16/1946

Whenever anyone is reaching out to you for help, remember who they really are. One of the reasons that we are here is to help lift each other out of the ruts that we find ourselves in. Joseph Smith said that the only way you can permanently lift yourself up is to lift others up with you. The best way you can improve your own situation is to help others. This is simply because the Lord blesses us when we follow His commandments, and He has commanded us to help one another.

There are always chances to serve others. Whether it is simply doing the dishes for your roommate or giving someone a call to say hi, there are opportunities to serve every day.

The measurement of the result of what love and charity may bring into the world is impossible. Opportunity is offered in every branch and ward and mission field to go about radiating sunshine, developing happiness and lifting up those who are discouraged, and bringing joy and comfort to those who are in distress.

President George Albert Smith, “To the Relief Society,” Relief Society Magazine, Dec. 1932

Find those opportunities. They are everywhere. Don’t ignore the promptings that come your way.