“If you must love your neighbor as yourself, it is at least as fair to love yourself as your neighbor.” – Sebastien-Roch Nicolas

Sometimes it is easier to love your neighbor than it is to love yourself. I think this may be because we know a lot of our own faults that others don’t know about. It’s easy to become discouraged and down on yourself, especially when there are people around you who seem most content when they are pointing out your faults. There are only two views of you that matter. Your own self-perception and Heavenly Father’s perception of you.

When you are feeling down on yourself, remember what God has said about your worth. You are His child, and you have eternal potential. Everything He does, He does to bring about your eternal happiness. If you are really down because of others’ opinions of you, remind yourself of His by reading your patriarchal blessing (if you have one) and reading the scriptures. Trust in His love and care, not in the opinions of imperfection people. Learn to love yourself, no matter how many mistakes you make.