D&C 18:12-13

12. And he hath arisen again from the dead, that he might bring all men unto him, on conditions of repentance.

13. And how great is his joy in the soul that repenteth!

Yesterday at Fast and Testimony meeting, there seemed to be one theme that served as the center of most of the testimonies that were shared. As usual, there were plenty of testimonies about Christ, but what hit me about these was the fact that they almost all focused on how accepting Christ is. When we make mistakes, He doesn’t hold a grudge against us. If we return to Him, He’s going to accept us with open arms and a grateful heart. In fact, He’s waiting for us with open arms. It’s just up to us to actually return to Him.

Too often we don’t recover from our mistakes as quickly as we should or could because we’re embarrassed or scared to return. He wants us to return to Him right now, and doesn’t care much about embarrassment. He just wants our safety and happiness. We can’t gain that without being with Him. The faster we come back, the more quickly we can gain the peace that comes from being close to Christ. I think I tend to forget that sometimes, and I take longer to recover than I should. I’m going to try to be better at that. Ya’ll should be, too.